The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Real Estate Business

Your past and current customers can use testimonials to help you market your services. You are not the only person who can say good things about your real estate services and yourself. It’s possible to get as many testimonials as you want from someone else, or even a lot of them.

You should quickly build a book of testimonials or a filing cabinet. These testimonials should be included in your listing presentations and marketing materials. You should overload your potential customers with evidence as much as you can.

You should also ensure that your testimonials are not just general statements with limited personal information, such as the initials of an individual. A good testimonial should explain how you helped people solve specific problems. When testimonials show how you helped people solve specific problems, they are much more powerful.

Your prospects will be encouraged by seeing how you solve problems for other clients. Many prospects will face the same problems, i.e. You will find that most prospects have the same problems (i.e. limited funds, property with obvious flaws, poor credit, and so on). You should strive to collect testimonials over time that show how you dealt with each of these issues for past clients.

Ask the provider to give you permission to use their full name as well as their location when you get each testimonial. This will make your testimonials more credible than a simple first or last name. This is a better option than having them sign the testimonial on your letterhead. After you have collected enough testimonials that are ‘problem-specific’, you can group them and create a booklet you can give to your clients. This will make you an effective weapon against your competitors.

It is important to make testimonials a regular part your business. Talk to clients and explain to them how this will help other people. These testimonials are a powerful tool and well worth the effort.

It’s a good idea for clients to bring some stationary to close. Have them write their testimonials there either before or after closing. Tell them that it was a great idea to bring some stationary to closing and have them write a testimonial about how they solved the problem. For your website, you could bring a video recorder or audio recorder to record their testimonial.

Ask friends and coworkers for testimonials on how they have helped you with difficult situations or solved problems. This will help you get started. Do not falsify a testimonial. You will end up doing more harm than good. You will soon have a powerful marketing tool that will last for many years.